Pistol Permits




The Chelsea Police Department's lobby is currently closed to the public.  License to Purchase (LTP) pistols from this agency is temporarily not available.  Please check back soon for an updated message.  Under state law, applicants can apply for a LTP at any agency in the State of Michigan; however, applicants may get placed on a 'short' delay while a local background check is conducted.  NOTE:  A LTP is not needed to purchase from an FFL Dealer (i.e. Cabela's, Ann Arbor Arms, etc.).

Gun permits are issued Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm. Bring a valid photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, state issued ID, etc). There will be an application form to fill out, as well as a background check and criminal history check prior to any permits being issued. Once issued, you have 30 days to purchase the pistol, and 10 days from the date of the sale to return the MSP copy to the Chelsea Police Department. The pistol is no longer required to be brought in for inspection. Feel free to contact the Records Clerk at 734-475-1771 ext 104, or visit the Michigan State Police website for more information. http://michigan.gov/msp/0,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654---,00.html


Concealed Pistol License Information and applications are available at http://www.ewashtenaw.org/government/sheriff/services/concealed-weapons

The completed applications must be submitted to the Washtenaw County Clerks Office.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pistol Registrations - FAQ Click Here